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Anonymous: The stars at night are dull and dim whenever they have to be over dumb old stupid Texas


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Hanging some photos today!

Images by Nicolette
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Hello friends! I’m doing senior portraits so you can message me and I can give you details.
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Images by Nicolette Hand.
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Mr. Cameron Cipolla
caring-kills: You don't know me I don't think lol but the name's Evan.

Well hello Evan Im Nikki!:)

Anonymous: Yeee. Class of 2013

Who dis be?!

Anonymous: Omg I went to your school


Anonymous: I love your photos! They are beautiful. The only ting I seem to notice is use the same people? Mainly the red paint girl, is their a reason for this? Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful!

Thank you!! She’s my best friend and the others are my other close friends. I use the people that are available. I would love to take photos of new faces!